We bring to our clients’ solutions experience and the clarifying ability to strip problems and goals down to first principles. We have developed our network of independent consultants and partners with this in mind.

Our consultants typically have:

  • Lots of derivatives industry experience gained as practitioners;
  • A combination of technology and business expertise;
  • An earned confidence to ask the “foolish” questions;
  • And the hands-on capabilities to “can and eat their own dog-food”.

Typical roles include

  • Senior Business Analysts, Project & Program managers
  • Architects
  • Quant/Tactical Developers
  • and various permutations of these.

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Download a Consultant brief

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We typically rely on a network of independent consultants known to us.

However we are always interested in hearing from talented and experienced consultants.


So, tell us something, anything in your area of expertise that you’ve always found unnecessarily and maddeningly complex and why and how it could be simplified.

Seriously anything … it just has to have something to do with financial products and derivatives and their technology and business processes.